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The single subject cook books (‘Dehyrated and Delicious” for example) were interesting and for $1.00 each were worth trying. I also ordered an inexpensive bag sealer for freezing food, anticipating that the bags would be an additional expense if I found it useful. The worst I thought it would be was a waste of a few dollars for the sealer if it didn’t work out.

Was I wrong.

Under four different vendor names, Kitchen Advance charged me $9.95 per month for an online cookbook program that I did not order, another $9.95 for a rewards program that I did not order, another $9.95 per month for a subscription for ordering bags (pay whether you order bags or not), plus $43.18 per month “payment” for the so-called $1.00 cookbooks, plus $9.95 to $13.33 per month for the cookbooks.

The Kitchen Advance supervisor claims that the advertisement I responded to included all the details about the online and rewards programs that I was signing up for – it did not – and that it was clear that the $1.00 cookbooks had a deadline for returning them, after which they would cost about $30.00 a piece!

It’s a classic case of “bait and switch”: attract the customer with some thing tempting to try then add all kinds of extra charges to it. I agree with the previous customer complaint: Kitchen Advance is not an ethical company. Their business practices are deceptive and designed to take advantage of customers. To his credit, the supervisor listened to my complaint.

At first he only offered to remove the deceptive charges for March, but when I said I would write to the corporate headquarters (a P.O. Box!) and also to the Better Business Bureau, he offered to remove all charges, including the cost of the books once I return them. If Kitchen Advance fails to reimburse me for the deceptive charges and for returning the books, I will report them to the Better Business bureau. For now I am out $169.34.

Watch out not only for “Kitchen Advance” but also JBEI Gourmet, MBM Gourmet, RMC Seal Bags, and Kavi, all product names for Kitchen Advance.

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Comments About Kitchen Advance Review: Beware Of Hidden Charges and Subscriptions

  • kbm

    blocking charge does not work because you signed up for a payment plan.

  • kbm

    i got ripped for $90. Filed fraud claim on my CC because I had no idea who the charger was and they never answered the phone number listed so I assumed it was fraud. 4 months later they tell my CC company nuh-uh, he did make this charge, so its not fraud and CC had to clear the payment to go through. Fing a******s. I hope they can sleep will at night, because if I find them, they won’t.

  • HG

    I really want to know how they got my debit card #. I never ordered anything from them, PCH, or anything else related to food or cookbooks.

  • Sucker

    Charging me 97.16 / mo for 4 months. Call your credit card co and have them block the charges. Send them back their crap and hope it goes away. NEVER buy again!

  • Sharon

    2 charges to my acct now totaling over $40.00. Had to cancel my card and have a new one issued. WHAT a PITA! NO phone # to contact them & bank had no additional info either! That FREE spice book sure has cost me a lot for being free! Charges showed up as JBEI Vista CA and RMC Vista CA. RIPOFF ARTISTS!!!!!

  • medsec

    Just found a charge from RMC 800-216-5763 for 4.94. The RMC I contacted said it wasn’t them, so I’ll try RMC BAGS which someone mentioned. I knew this JUNK MAIL should have been ignored!

  • Michel Ann

    It has been months now since I finally got my money back from RMC and Kitchen Advance and thought I had the problem behind me but today they charged my debit card another $11.90 and for what? I am steaming all over again and might have to change my debit card number all over again which is another "can of worms"!!!

    • amy Fuller

      they just took $39.95 out of my account. im disabled and thats all the money i have

  • Guest

    I just called my Visa company and filed a disputed claim for Rmc Seal Bags and Mbm Gourmet Cooking. Told them about all these other complaints. VISA is going to issue new card with different expiration and security code. They said that will stop additional charges while they investigate the claim with the vendor. If they won’t reverse the charges then I’ll call Kitchen Advance and use the tactics by others posted here. Thanks for the info.

    • Tom S

      i just had this happen to contacting this company.this is a scam running with Publishers Clearing House. I purchased a digital fork thermometer. apparently there was a hidden subscription with this purchase. They agreed to cancel my subscription and refund my money when I threaten to file complaint with my bank and FTC. Now my complaint is with PCH. Just another example of greed and deceit . I will never make another purchase with PCH……………………….good luck……………

    • Marygrace

      Good luck with VISA = VISA will send the updated card info to their clients and they still take money from your account – that is what I am going through now!

  • Guess

    I have to say, I was fooled too.

  • joe

    I just don’t understand how this is still happening. I read all your posts, and noticed that they were submitted; some as long as 24 weeks ago. How can people like me still be going thru with this, and yet this scam is still out there. If I were to do something like this to others, I am sure I would be put in jail for fraud. Come on……………….get with the program (who ever is monitoring these complaints) and shut these people down. Put them in JAIL!!!

  • D. Winston

    Same 3 campany complaints here. Notified Master Card, they gave me 3 PAIRS of phone numbers for the "companies". Woman answering claimed to be in Vista, CA. Emailed the numbers to CA state police investigators. Master Card seems unable to shut them down.Some numbers are:888-528-8486, 866-376-7640, 800-240-0576

  • Guest

    The same thing happened to me. I got charged for FIVE payments of 20.78 (total of over $100) and four more payments of 9.95 for products, memberships and reward programs that I NEVER ordered. I ordered ONE cookbook for $3.95! Do NOT order anything from a company called "Gourmet Cooking Online" as they are affiliated with the scammers at KAVI, Kitchen Advance, JBEI and MBM. I’ve filed a complaint with the BBB and a letter, along with all of my documentation, will be going to the California Attorney General’s Office next.

    • John

      Same issue for me. Got socked for $100+ for some stupid books I thought were a good deal. What a scam this place is! BEWARE!

  • Sherry

    BEWARE of MBM Cooking Rewards! I had the exact experience as many of these reviewers. This is a shady company. I paid for a cookbook that was sent to me as a result of a trial offer from Cooking Club of America. As a result, I found out after I made some calls when I noticed charges for $9.95 on my credit card, I had signed up for two online magazines. I called and said I never agreed to these charges and they need to immediately be stopped. They said they would put it on hold for 60 days and I refused. They agreed to refund the last two charges of $9.95, I am holding my breath. I plan on reporting these people. Cooking Club of America seems to know nothing about these shady businesses they are dealing with even when I told them terrible reviews of these practices are all over the internet. Save yourself a headache and some money and do not deal with any of these companies.

  • Travis

    Kitchen Advance contact numbers: 1-888-528-8486 or out side Us and Canada +1-707-633-3333
    Beware of these scammers. i called to dispute charges, they answered the phone and called me by my name , kinda creepy.They told me the book i ordered was paid in full and I wasn’t subscribed to the monthly subscription. I noticed the fine print when I was ordering and immediately closed the page. I didnt even complete the order. And when iI was ready to hang up, the woman tried to sell me some $10 meat thermometer for $20 or some crap. I denied. We will see what else comes of this as im sure theyre not done yet. Charges showed up as RMC Copied Vista. Hope this helps somebody.



  • BethN

    End of May, 2013 I ordered two pairs of the Herb Scissors at $3.95 each with free shipping from an advertisement from National Home Gardening Club and trusted it since I have ordered products sponsored by them (NHGC) before. Although all those were purchased from that club. The total should have been $7.90 but I was charged $11.90 (by KAVI*Gourmet Cooking). Like others the order confirmation did not state a total and the difference was so small I did not notice until just double checked the original information.

    This all started when I checked my account today and noticed a charge for $9.95 on my credit card from MBM*Gourmet Cookking. I called them and was told I agreed to a membership when I ordered the scissors. I told her I did not such thing and there was nothing to indicate on their site, the ad I responded to nor the confirmation of the order. She told me that was the agreement if I did not send them back in 30 days. I told her to cancel immediately as I did knowing make any agreement. She told me she would put it on hold for 60 days. I told her no she woudl cancel me now and refund this charge or I would be contacting the BBB and my credit card company to report the unauthorized charge. I was put on hold then told a refund would be processed and to allow 7-10 days to process. I am not holding my breath and will be reporting them regardless. I follow the same ad, checked the terms and conditions section, started an order and there was nothing to indicate I was agreeing to anything but the purchase of a product.

    DO NOT TRUST OR ORDER FROM Gourmet Cooking Club!

    • Virginia Countryman

      Going through same ordeal right now!!!

  • Edith

    Further to my previous comment: I talked to Visa. Kitchen Advance is guilty of "shady business practise" but is not doing anything illegal. If the company has a credit card number, the customer is wrong. Cancelling the credit card will not stop the charges. I was told to phone Kitchen Advance and ask for written promise of stopping the charges. It also was suggested that I complain to the Better Business Bureaus in Canada and in the USA. The other names (KAVI, MBM, and JBEI are billing companies).

  • Edith

    I am being charged every month by Kavi Kitchen Advance 888-5288486 CA , or MBM*Gourmet Cooking 866-216-1072 WA, or JBEI Gourmet Rewards 866-3767640 CA, even though last month I was given a cancellation number by an operator at MBM*Gourmet Cooking 866-3508718 CA. This problem began when I ordered a $10 meat thermometer that was advertised in Taste of Home. I trusted the magazine, and did not expect to be scammed in this way. These charges amount to USA $52.75, which makes my $20 thermometer very expensive.

  • Shani

    I am in Australia and I too have been a victim of this really BAD company, I bought the dehydrating cookbook and the dehydrating machine for an extra 99 cents which blew up the first time I used it as it was a cheap machine, and seeing the book and machine was less than $10 I was not overly worried, but since then I have been charged $67 extra taken from my bank without my consent, I sent an email to them from their website and got a phone call at 1AM my time and they said they would refund me $40 which I am still waiting for! I have cancelled the card I used and it has been reported to the Australian Federal Police as that is the policy with my bank when fraudulent charges are made from your bank account and the bank are investigating it, I doubt very much I will get my money back and I am spreading the word to everyone I know about the bad habits of this company!!

  • Lori

    I ordered from this company on May 9th via a spam e-mail; because the nature of the e-mail was kitchen-tools related I checked it out. I clicked on box after box; there was NO CONFIRMATION PAGE WITH A FINAL DOLLAR AMOUNT that would be charged to my credit card…NO WHERE did it state THE FINAL DOLLAR AMOUNT; I was sent an e-mail after the initial purchase stating 16.00(+ odd change) for which I understood to be a kitchen micro torch, a kitchen timer and a small scale. Fine, I thought, they are selling these at cut-rate prices because the economy is bad. : ( Sooooo….yesterday I get my bank to give me a printout of my last ten transactions because the balance was lower than I knew it should be…and on June 24th, they singed me for 29.85!
    I came home and called my bank and disputed the transaction. Unbeknownst to me, when I went online to check this company out, I found many, many similar complaints. I found their phone number online, Kavi Kitchen Advance, with this phone number 888-528-8486. When the representative answers, and you complain about the charges, they will try to just give you "five dollars off…" I stated my case and told them that NO WHERE on the original purchase did they list or note the final charges (… and I said that I wanted to speak to a supervisor and cancel/ return the merchandise. He told me the final amount for the items would be 109.00+ change…I said NO WAY, I’m sending the merchandise back.


  • pscave123

    The creeps – they’re doing it to me too! I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau and disputing charges to my credit card.

  • beckie

    I too am a victim of this/these companies…when I put the credit card charges on stop payment, they started charging my bank debit card.
    I bought the dehydrating cookbook on one credit card& the herb hears on the other.????? Guess I need to google everyone before I purchase items!

  • Ileta

    I am another victim of KAVI and MBM Gourmet Cooking. I ordered a product through Taste of Home, which turned out to actually come from KAVI. I have since had three more charges to my credit card, two from KAVI and MBM, for which my credit card company is handling the disputes. I did call KAVI and was able to talk to someone who assured me that my credit card would not have been charged if I hadn’t ordered the product, as they don’t keep the information in their system. That obviously is not true. I put a block on my credit card for KAVI so then they switched to MBM. I have also discovered that all you have to do is open an e-mail from them, and they automatically ship the product. My next call is to Taste of Home to let them know that these companies are fraudulent!

  • JVS

    I bought two pairs of the herb shears from Kitchen Advance that Taste Of Home Magazine sent me a
    special email offer for, for $3.95 a pair, with free shipping. I have looked for two years for a pair that was below $10, so I was more than elated to see them.

    But, after looking at my Visa statement tonight (Sunday), I was charged $24.69, which left me outraged, as I was very careful not to select priority shipping, or other services. The checkout screen clearly stated that my total was $7.90 when I hit to submit my order.

    Not sure how to mail them, or what city’s BBB to contact. Any ideas?

    I trust Taste Of Home, and did not research this "partner offer" because I have been getting the magazine for over twenty years, and felt confident in their recommendation.

    I have been emailing Kitchen Advance since Wednesday, when I placed the order, and been trying to call them all day. The phone says they are closed, despite the business hours stating that they are open.

  • harold

    BEWARE !!! This RMC Seal Bags is a scam. They did it to me as well. Call Better Business Bureau and complain. Kitchen Advance is another
    phony company ripping people off.

  • Brenda

    I would like to know who RMC SEAL BAGS are really and a telephone number for them also an address, if they are really product names for Kitchen Advance

  • Brenda

    who is RMC Seal Bags, is it based in California or somewhere in the US I have a charge on a debit card of about 10us that I really do not know about, I live in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, I have not done any business with Kitchen Advance or any other place named. is this fraud?

  • Beverley Crouch

    need to know a phone number to stop the charges as I too have been charged even after I stopped them once. Please help me.

    • I have been charged 2 payments of $9.95 @ now. My bank displays contact numbers for all my debits, but the charges are from different companies. MBM Gourmet Cooking 1-866-350-8718, JBEI *GOURMET REWARDS 866-376-7640.

      • Kevin

        Both MBM and JBEI hit me up with charges, I assume they’re related. I’m glad I found this thread; I’m fuming at the charges I just found on my bank statement. I was had and it won’t happen again. Thanks for posting the phone numbers Keith.


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