American Web Loan Review: AWL is the biggest scam lender

I took a cash advance from American Web Loan, I narrowed $700.00, they took the money from my bank account twice a month, I didn’t read their terms and conditions very well if I would have never narrowed the money from them. That $700.00 cash advance cost me over $3,000.00 to repay.

If I hadn’t went to my bank and put a stop of them taking my money out if my account they would have probably taken thousands if more dollars before I put abs top to their scam, I called their customer service and was greeted by one if the biggest jerks I have ever spoken with. They told me I would not get any if my over charged money back from them. They told me it was my responsibility too manage the cash advance payments through their web page.

That $700.00 cash advance cost me over $2,300.00 in interest to repay. take my advise, if you are going to barrow money from loan sharks like AWL, BE PREPARED TO GET SCREWED.

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