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I ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentines Day and they still have not been delivered. I have called customer service repeatedly. First, I was told that they would be here on Valentine’s Day.

This morning, they said they would be here today. Now, they say they will be here tomorrow. No supervisors or managers could be reached. Although they guarantee your satisfaction, they do not offer refunds. When I tried to check the status of my delivery, it says that there is no information.

So at this time, it is still not on a truck. This company has horrible service. They took the money off my card immediately, but I didn’t receive the flowers. Terrible!

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  • Honest Abe

    I plan to report Avas flowers to the NY Attorney General. On January 12, 2017 I ordered birthday flowers to be delivered on January 17, 2017. I called to cancel order on January 15,2017. The phone rang for 45 minutes. Then I was put on hold until I was connected to another customer who was calling to complain because the Valentine flowers he ordered were never delivered. This is a terrible scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!!!!

  • Gin

    If I could give them zero stars, I would. I ordered a funeral wreath the same day my grandmother passed away. The funeral was scheduled for Saturday, and I ordered the flowers on Monday. Ava’s Flowers charged me an expedite fee, $9.99. During a customer service call regarding other mistakes with the order, I asked how far in advance flowers need to be ordered to avoid an expedite fee. Ava’s Flowers acknowledged the error and sent a revised invoice. The new invoice amount was actually higher than the original amount billed — after the supposed $9.99 credit. How does that happen? When I called back about the new invoice amount, the customer service person was rude, belligerent, and kept interrupting both my husband and me as we tried to get clarification about the new invoice amount. Keep in mind, this is after multiple calls to correct other mistakes, such as getting the message on the card wrong, and getting the recipient’s name wrong. In addition, Ava’s florist nickled and dimed me for everything possible, such as $3.99 to include a message with the flowers, $4.99 for a bow on the funeral wreath, and a $13.99 service fee (this fee mysteriously appeared on the final invoice, which is why the invoice amount increased, even though I had received a $9.99 credit!

    Save yourself the hassle. Don’t do business with this company! Beware! This corporate conglomerate does not care about your loved ones. Buy local and support local shops and businesses. Ava’s Flowers were not a local shop, even though it claims to be when you do a Google search. If you don’t believe me, try it. No matter what town you search, Ava’s will show up as a “local shop.” Don’t believe it! They take your order, and then subcontract with a local supplier. In fact if you ask, most reputable florists refuse to work with Ava’s to fulfill orders. In the future, I will use Yelp to ensure that I am indeed working with a reputable, local florist with a brick and mortar storefront.

  • Martha M

    I ordered a $230.00 funeral arrangement for my uncle. I live in the northen California area and at the time my uncle passed i was in the hospital myself.
    They did send an arrangement it looked like they took it from another funeral service it was old and wilted.
    I did complaint however chris said since i did not complaint that same day there was nothing to be done.
    I was in the hospital i had to see these horrible flowers by video a week later

  • Mandy Mae

    We ordered a flower arrangement for a dear friend for her birthday, with guaranteed delivery that day. We were contacted at the end of the business day (hours later, informing us that the arrangement would not be delivered until the next day and would include a “free upgraded bouquet ” which would have changed the entire bouquet, that originally was chosen specifically for a number of sentimental reasons. We attempted to contact customer service, but it was already closed for the evening. We sent an email in reference to the order with very specific instructions, informing the company that delivery could not be until after 4pm due to the fact that the recipient would be at work until that time. When we contacted the customer service center the next morning, once it was open and we were able to get in contact with someone, we were informed that it would be out for delivery immediately. We referenced the email we had sent in and were told that a supervisor would need to call us back. Approximately 45 minutes later we received the call back, at which time we were informed that delivery was unable to be made that day, and that we were being upgraded to a fruit bouquet which would take an additional day to process. We wound up canceling the order, and having to find a gift on our own to have overnighted. We are beyond disappointed with the service we received from their business and have no plans to ever use your services again.

  • AGM

    After numerous phone calls to Ava’s Flowers my flowers were finally delivered on the day promised.
    My concern with Ava’s Flowers is that I keep receiving emails with OTHER customers information. Nekyza Oliver told me that it was a one time mistake. Then, I received another email delineating another customer’s CONFIDENTIAL information and I was told that there was a glitch in the system. If I have received emails with other customer’s PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL information, what safeguards are in place to guarantee that MY information is safe and secure?
    After forty minutes wading through their inept phone system, I was informed by Michael that for my inconvenience, a bouquet would be delivered to my previous recipient. However, Raul, came online and stated that was not Ava’s policy. SHAME ON AVA’S FLOWERS! It doesn’t appear to be a SAFE AND SECURE SITE IF I HAVE RECEIVED OTHER CUSTOMERS PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION sent to my email.

  • chris

    I ran a search for "local florists". My point being that I did not see this page until after my near-miss (thank goodness!!!) attempt to do business with these people. It was one bait-and-switch line after another. The initial scam was that the (cheaper) featured item was no longer available, but a pricier upgrade was. These things do happen, so I ignored the quiet alarm in my head, and attempted to purchase the upgrade. Ultimately, we went our separate ways. Fortunately, I ask a lot of questions, before they got my card number, or I would be losing sleep after reading these other experiences. I believe you-all!!! All I lost was time, but I didn’t have that to spare, and no gift to show for it. I hope you did file those complaints. Why are these crooks still at large? Hopefully they won’t be too much longer.!!!!!

  • MMorningstar

    Never, ever use Ava’s flowers…I’m sitting here shaking at my experience with them. First, they called me twice…even though all information was given correctly, they had it all wrong. They pretended they had a shop in the city I was sending to, but they do not. When I later needed to cancel my order, which was within one hour from when I put it in, they refused to cancel it. Then, they said they would cancel, but charge me a $15.00 fee. I had a screamfest with them and they said they would just cancel the order, but I’m still afraid flowers will be delivered or I’ll be charged. If so, I’ll take it up with
    VISA. These people are SCAMMERS!!!!

  • Dee

    OMG…sure wish I had seen this before! such a scam!! flowers that were to be delivered for a birthday….didn’t show up and when I called the system recognized my number and wouldn’t put me through…got a response to an email that said they had attempted to reach me to tell me they would be delivered 4 days late…I received no such call…my bet is they don’t show up at all!! They offered 50% back or a store credit…crazy! avoid at all costs!

  • Jackie

    Same situation as all of the above. Called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Stated on their website they were a local business and have pictures of a brick and mortar store plus a delivery van with their name on the side. Their call center is in New Jersey. They said that I ordered flowers that come from their farm and they had to wait for a fresh delivery. Really? Peruvian Lilies are available at every grocery store. They are a very common flower. Anyway, everything said from other customers is true. Buyer beware!

  • Steve

    TO ALL CONSUMERS PURCHASING FLOWERS! If you want to get the best for your money you need to either call your local florist direct or use a local florist web site. Anything else will have the same bad results. You will be unhappy and you will blame the fulfilling florist for the problem when they get only 71% of what you spend with these order gathering sites.


  • Ali

    This company is a SCAM! I ordered very expensive flowers for my Mother’s birthday. I ordered specifically from them, as it was a unique flower I was looking for which they showed on their web site as available. Typically, the flowers I paid for are more expensive than roses. What arrived was a tiny arrangement (for almost $100, after upgrading to a "premium" arrangement), not the flowers I ordered, in fact most were carnations (the least expensive flowers you can buy, and they weren’t even in the same color family). After multiple complaints, and finally a threat to report them here, to the BBB and to stop payment on my card, they agreed to deliver new flowers. It is now three days after the second intended delivery, and 10 days after my Mother’s birthday – and still NOTHING has been redelivered. Despicable!!!! Also reporting to FTC. Run, don’t walk to the next online florist.

  • G London

    Same thing happened to our family. We were charged over $50 for Valentine’s Day flowers that never arrived. When we called to ask where they were, we were told that the phone receptionist "did not have access" to the delivery status, and that they would find out and call us back. They never called us back. It’s been over a week now.

    Luckily we were able to call our credit card company and have the charge cancelled as fraudulent. Ava’s Flowers is clearly either a scam or a severely irresponsible company.

  • Mary

    The same thing happened to me as well. I ordered flowers that were supposed to be delivered on Valentine’s Day, and they were never delivered.

    When I call their customer service number, they put me on an infinite hold, and then the call eventually drops.

    I also plan to file a complaint.

  • freida reed

    The same thing happened to me. I still have not received my flowers from Ava’s flowers. My next step is to file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I believe this is a widespread problem and a class action lawsuit may have to be file. My uncle is a former district attorney and I am going to contact him. they took down their facbook when I mentioned filing a class action lawsuit.

    But still now flowers today that were supposed to be delivered on Valentine’s Day

    • craig

      the same thing happened to me.. flowers supposed to be delivered on valentines day.. no delivery attempt.. only able to reach "customer service" who never knows anything, they only apologize for my inconvenience. I told her I thought their business was a scam. she said she would hang up on me. she said she wanted to help me get to the bottom of this and said it looked like our order was attempted multiple times for delivery by UPS. I assured her there had been no delivery attempts or stickers left on our front door from UPS. I asked for a UPS tracking number, she said there was not one. ?? I asked for her name, and she hung up on me. I called back and waited through the obligatory 5-10 minute hold before getting through to someone, it was her again. finally was able to get her to admit that there is no way to reach the "flower shop", i asked who makes the flower arrangements, she said the "local florist". I asked if I could speak to them, she said "I’m pulling it up right now, hold on". Then was on a 7 minute hold then got cut off. called right back, waited through the hold, then got through to another lady who seemed more caring. probably more bait and switch, but she was apologetic for the treatment I had received on earlier calls. she was actually agreeable to a refund. however when I asked the last 4 digits of the card she was refunding, she said she didn’t have that information. also said I could talk to "billing" but she didn’t know how long their hold time would be. asked for a confirmation number at least for the refund, she couldn’t give that either. She did send a basic email stating: "I am issuing a full refund in regards to order #… I am sorry for the inconvenience." nice but pretty generic and probably meant to appease me. before the end of the call she said the refund could take up to 7 days and if I don’t receive it I could call back in. I believe this company is definitely a scam. I agree with you, my next step is to go the FTC to file a complaint.


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