Still waiting on my BOGO - NuWave Oven

I purchased the Nuwave precision induction cooktop (buy one get one free with free pots and pans)…. several days later, I recieved the two cook tops, as well as the cash iron BBQ grill and griddle……. and to my suprise I also recived a nuwave white oven pro, that I didn’t order, and I was charged for it, plus additional shipping….. I have tried to reach customer service to try to take care of this… it is now almost a month later…. with several unanswered emails and no returned calls….

Really would like my pots and pans (BOGO)… as none of the pots and pans I own will work on the coook top……..

though I have now decided to keep the NUWAVE white oven Pro…. As I decided I would like an extra one for work…………. However……… still waiting on the cookware promised, as I purchased the cook tops to be able to use them at work……

I have even tried to call the number in which I originally called when I placed the order… even though they made the mistake in sending me and charging for the Oven – they told me that they can help me…. only hearthware can….

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  • greatdealgonebad

    Jenny Says: Hey there, thanks for visiting NuWave PIC today! Purchase one now and get another one FREE with an additional 1-Year Warranty! Just pay separate shipping and processing!

    CLICK HERE to receive two induction cooktops for the price of one!

    Jenny Says: Just type ‘Hi or ‘Hello’ in the space below to let me know you are there.


    You: hi


    Jenny Says: Hi, thanks for chatting with me today. Did you know that the NuWave PIC is the only portable, all-in-one induction cooking solution? With precise temperature control at the touch of a button, the PIC cooks faster while using less energy than a conventional gas or electric stove top. The PIC is easy to clean, even while cooking, and the lack of open flame or heated coils makes it much safer for your home – virtually eliminate the risk of kitchen fire!

    Jenny Says: CLICK HERE today to receive two induction cooktops for the price of one plus an additional 1-Year Warranty!


    You: i was wondering the total for today for the bogo free pic including the second set of cookware


    Jenny Says: CLICK HERE today to receive two induction cooktops for the price of one plus an additional 1-Year Warranty! Just pay separate shipping and processing!


    You: yes i know where to find it, but i want to know the complete total charge for today before i complete the order


    Jenny Says: Pay only 3 easy payments of $33.33 but CLICK HERE today and get 2 induction cooktop plus an additional 1-Year Warranty!


    You: so you cant give me the total?


    Jenny Says: I’m sorry, I do not have more information on our product. I am primarily here to tell you about our special offer. For more information, or to have your questions answered, please call us at (855) PICCOOK (742-2665), Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST. You may also send an email to for assistance.

    Jenny Says: I’ll be here if you have any more questions :)

  • Mary Lee

    Like everyone here, I ordered the Nuwave PIC for $99.99 plus $29.95 for S&P. I also ordered the BOGO for "Free" plus $39.95 for S&P and the Ultimate Cooking Package for "Free" plus $69.95. This all came to a total of $99.99 for the first PIC and $139.85 for S&P. BTW, when the Order Confirmation appeared on their website, I was unable to print it…so I did a screen capture and saved it as a PDF on my harddrive. I placed the order on June 30th and on July 3rd, they sent one PIC and one 9" pan with the rest of the order on "Back Order" due to the high volume of orders. They collected $83.28 on July 3rd, $33.33 on August 3rd, and $33.33 on September 1st. I had called their 855 number and left my name, order number and phone number, but never received any return calls. On September 4th, I wrote to them at "" stating everything (dates, amounts, etc.) along with the PDF of my order and that if I did not receive the balance of my order, I would dispute the amounts paid by by credit card company until I got all of my order. Credit card companies have a lot of clout if you remember to have all your documentation (which I did). Lo and behold, I got a response the same day that they were sending the balance of my order. In fact, I received it today (September 12th) via Fedex. I have been cheated in the past (I’m 63 now), and have learned to keep all receipts and documentation, and always pay by CC so as to have recourse by disputing the charges. I did not beat Hearthware. I just got what I had agreed to pay for, even if it did take over 2 months. I find it strange that Nuwave as a BBB Logo on their website with a rating of A+. Is this a fake?

  • Judy Stewart

    I purchased and received my Nuwave cooktop and the second free one. No bonus that they advertised was included. I tried to get in touch with them by phone and was ignored. I have emaild them several times, which is everyday since I received the two Pics. I received one email saying that it was not free and you had to pay an extra $69.00. This just another scam to get all the they can. I will not give up. This dishonest and misleading. I have gotten in touch with my credit card company and filed a dispute aginst them. Something has to be done about this. If there a enough complaints and people report this , maybe we can get them to honor their advertisement and give us what we are intilted to. It is a shame to have such dishonest people in this world. It is not just because of the missing items that really upsets me. It is the principal of it.

    • Dorothy Lovvorn

      I also ordered this item. Received the cooktops within a few days. However, the bonuses were not received. Called FEDEX and they do not have any extra orders for me. Tried calling the company, got same response as you. CC will work with me. If I don’t received them within 30 days, they will dispute the charges. I agree, shipping is expensive, so really nothing is really free, but if I receive the rest of the order, it might be worth it.


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