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My job ended in the first two weeks, so this was my only paycheck from this employer.. I worked 52 hours for the pay period. Said they mailed out my paycheck on numerous occasions, and the last time I talked to David said he mailed it out personally. I would have it by the end of the week… Never got it.. Bottomline is David is avoiding me completely, everytime I call he is busy. I am very frustrated!

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    I had an ad on craigslist and wes wakley mailed me and when i told him i wanted someone to come to my home and look at my boat he told me i had to sign the contract first, i said no way, he said their brokers are very busy, now really, black friday is this week are people waiting in line to buy a boat????

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      I just received a text message from Popyachts. I do not like them or anyone else using CL information for their own use. Popyachts has both positive and negative reviews and after reading your comment I think I will not get involved with them. thanks

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