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These on line games are for entry into the ten million dollar drawings through Publishers Clearing House .  90 % of the time these games freeze up and wont allow you to play them … if you can`t play the games then you forfeit the entry.

I play these games every day to get into the drawings but most of the time something goes wrong and i cannot enter.

To be fair , I know millions of folks play these game and i think they are worn out . If Publishers clearing house would just invent new games or perform maintenance
more often i think we would have a better chance getting our entries into the drawing .

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Comments About Publisher’s Clearing House Review: PCH on line Sweepstakes Games

  • Baguette

    100% correct ! The games freeze and it all becomes a big waste of time .

  • Tommy Boy

    I agree 1000%. I play all the games everyday. I Play the PCH.com Games and can never complete the games. I called tech support and they told me I had too many “Cookies” and instructed me how to delete them which I did. He also told me I needed Flash Player 10 or better. When I said, “Maybe it’s because I don’t buy things”, the tech told me that “Buying things will NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING”. I then told him; “I have Flash Player 13. My computer is only a year old.” I believe they have their winners already picked and they let them play all the games. Did you ever notice the side board that displays the leading Token Winners for the day. You tell me how someone can have 168,400 tokens at 3:00 in the morning when it’s supposed to reset at 12:00 midnight. There’s only 1 way I know of they have to have like 10 or 12 computers going at the same time, meanwhile I can never open the “Token Vaults. As for the Slots games, I play them as well. Each of the Slot games, you need either 3 or 4 or 5 Cash Bonuses in order to play it. It’s a little hard when the 3 Cash bonuses only has 2 chances, the 4 only has 3 chances and the 5 only has 4 chances. You get better odds in a real Casino. Then when you play the Casino part of the game, that’s a real joke. Every time you get a scratch card it always reads: “Sorry but this card is not a winner. If anyone doubts this I have 3 months worth of pictures to prove it. I even made a sign that I place under the scratch card, take a picture of it before I activate the scratching coin and leave it there after the statement is revealed. The sign reads the same thing; “Sorry but this card is not a winner”. Now let’s discuss the Bingo game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had J*A*C*K*P*_*T by Tuesday or Wednesday and never got the “O”. Oh wait I can check my camera, it will have the number of times. I have 2 [4gig.]cards full of pictures to prove what I’m saying. Once I had all 4 corners and someone told me that they draw the winner for the “Lucky Pattern.” But out of all of this do you know what really cracks me up. The Million Dollar winner on August 28. Beautiful Home, 3 boys 27, 24 and 22. and he’s working hard to support them. Something wrong there. When I was 24, I already owned my own home, bought a new car, went to college and now hold on to your hats for this one, WORKED not 1[ONE} but 2[TWO] Jobs. And here’s an even bigger kick in the head, in my 2nd year of College, 2nd Semester, I actually got pulled for Grand Jury Duty which I was not excused from since it didn’t interfere with any of my classes. How about that one. My reward for hard work, being good to others, helping people in need and trying to give my children a good home, 1. Prostate Cancer, 2 COPD, 3 Diabetes, 4 Coronary Artery Disease, and Severe Clinical Depression. I have played PCH’s games off and on for 38 years and have never ever won anything to be proud of or that I can help my family, people who have been there for me or any of my favorite Charities. If I did I would faint. I pray for a miracle every day. By the time I win, I’ll be dead or homeless.

  • connie

    Connie just wanted to give you a heads up on april 11 2014 i tried to play your game token spurlg it took all my chances and would not let me play You will probably have some unhappy people because thats 1 game where you have a chance to win a lot of tokens

  • NANCY k.


  • Art

    I entered the PCH Million for Life sweepstakes and now I am being inundated with daily messages "do this or your entry will be cancelled"
    sometimes it is a demand that I use their search engine, sometimes I have to review products they are selling
    at least they are not trying to force me to buy anything (yet)
    what kind of BS is that?

  • lisa

    sorry pch experiencing technical difficulties is the new norm……….. I am unable to play anymore without receiving this message what is the problem please fix ?

  • Victor OBlock

    Since pch has changed the format, I have been experiencing various problems. In the last three days, I have been unable to play any games at normal level. Today, I am unable to sign in and play at all. I’ve attempted several ways to sign in but none work.

  • Bill Walker

    I play these games, but I feel they are in excess at times and too repetitive

  • shirley lucas

    my games are also not playing right some go haye way and others wont start at all like Aztec wilds so please help me get back to my favorite pass time………………………Thank yo


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