Papa Johns Review: papa johns pizza lies

recently I singed up on line with papa johns pizza, being told that after earning 25 reward points, I would receive a free pizza. once I had earned those points, I was sent an email stating that if I did not use these points in 10 days with the purchase of another pizza that I would loose my points.

This information was never given before the fact and I will not do business with a company that practices deceit as part of doing business.

papa johns pizza
1434 union ave
memphis, tn 38104

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  • I have placed many orders of pizza from papa johns believing I would get 3 points for each pizza i ordered, they told me that if I get 25 points, I will get a pizza, one day, my points were up to 25, I was happy boy walking to the shop to order, to my disbelieve,I did not get a free pizza, what a perfect lie by papa johns corporate.
    This company is lying to their customers day in and out. Please stay away from them.


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