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Order the PIC oven, received them last week. Parts missing. There is no DOME for roasting meat etc., all it is a cook top and sauce pans, and frying pan. Many parts missing. This was $566.oo order.

CANNOT REACH THEM BY PHONE, I HAVE 3 NUMBERS, Cannot reach them by email. HOW CAN I SEND THIS BACK (4 boxes) and get my money back, plus the coast of returning the items???????????????????????

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  • BILL


  • sandy

    I got mine off of Amazon, the sharper Image Nu wave and I love it so far as a mater of fact I am cooking a whole chicken right now

  • linda lees

    i ordered nuwave cooktop feb 1 cancelled next day they sent it anyway scam i sent it back 1 month later i tried to call customer service which is a laugh if and when you do get hold of them they know nothing i was finally told it was not in the warehouse so i would not be getting my money back does anyone know the name of someone in charge in the corporate office

  • Sharon Howe

    i guess I am lucky because we love our NuWave. We brought one cooktop to use in our 5th wheel this winter as we have
    to light the stove and it is a waste and difficult. We had eggs and bacon today and love chilli etc. We need a 71/2
    quart pan and have been unable to purchase one alone because the pan that comes does not hold enough.
    Anyway it takes up a small space, cooks great and we have made soup etc. for potluck. We just want a deeper
    one to cook more. Yes we got items we can’t use, am not a fondu person. Did not want the oven. But if anyone finds
    where I can get a several quart inductive pan, let me know. Cleaning is so easy too.

    • JRR

      HBO outlet, Emeril set. Works great with NuWave and its the height of spaghetti.

  • Jared

    U allare idiots. My nu wave pos is trash. Burned my house down and killed my baby german shepard.

  • Steven Scarano

    What a Scam!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!
    I tested the unit as claimed said it would cook a pork chop 5 min each side along with vegetables.
    As advertised you put all together an cooks entire meal what BS… They fail to tell you items have to go separately veg / potatoes first then meat and fish. It took 12minutes be side on the chops then veg wer under cooked… I tested a simple Grill cheese 10 minutes each side no time savings there…

    I also did a comparison cook off with a cheap broiler oven and bothe the pork chop and the grill cheese were done in half the time…..

    Advertising is great but not what they are showing…. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

  • LHux

    very disappointed with the lack of customer service, over sell of the product, so they will ship items as back orders which increases S&H cost….cost is more than the ad represented

  • Ronnie Dougherty

    I was considering the Nu Wave oven. Great ad’s etc. I wanted to see how good the online customer support or service was. They only wish to sell you the item the are not interested in answering questions emal or by phone. The tell you all it does and what you get. If you want black over the white color it is ignored. Reason is the black is more expensive. If you do not want item smaller not in white you are out of luck. Nor do the bother to respond to get you to buy the black one. They just want your money. If they cannot respond politely, fast and bother. It not worth your Money there are others out just as good and cheaper. The are not the only ones on the market go to a search engine see what else is offered.

  • Mike

    You are not the most intelligent person obviously as the nuwave pic is a cooktop. Does your stove have a cover? If you wanted a covered cooking device you order the nuwave oven. I love mine! It just as described.

    • Pam in Iowa

      You are obviously not informed OR intelligent ! I don’t know where YOU got YOUR fabulous Nuwave Oven but they are NOW shipping them –Buy One get One Free (Pay over $120 S & H for the 1st one PLUS pay over $100 for S & H on the second one that CAME in the SAME BOX-A —-2nd Box had some silicone thing in a bag and a drink mixing device & a blending chopping device we were charged $19.95 for ONE of those items and got the 2 others free but AGAIN Shipping & Handling over $100. Over THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS S & H just to ship this to my home that is THREE HOUR DRIVE FROM WHERE I LIVE ! THIS IS THE WAY they are getting their money THIS WEEK ! See over 400 COMPLAINTS online just google– Nuwave & watch for the sight that has bad comments ! I personally got mine Today ! RIPOFF

      • pam

        My son ordered this for his sister-in-law for christmas. He got it with-in the 3-4 days they said he would. And yes, he got the second one free with an extender kit which was a wire rack and a flat black pan and extender ring. He also got the free twister blender and the free mixer. Where they got him was S&P was $129.75. So he actually paid the actual price for each free piece, the price it would have cost him regularly. Which were 40.00 each for the party mixer and 37.00each for the twister blender. So the pieces that are supposed to be free arn’t. All together the two ovens, twoarty mixers, and the two twister blenders cost a total of $284.55. not bad for six pieces. But, like my dad always says. nothing in life is free, except curage and even that coat you when you take a chance and buy something over the internt. So BEWARE it will cost you more then they say. False advertisement, sort of. It is all in the wording. You just need to read between the lines. The item are quality made and larger then I expected. So worth it i guess. I plan n ordering one for me I just need to tell them right off the bat; No B.S . What will it cost me ?and no don’t ask me if I want other items.


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