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I have been a faithful customer of Costco’s since you first came to Houston years ago.

It is on the Internet today, widely circulated, that you are now selling HALAL meats at Costco.

This is VERY disturbing to me, especially after doing a research on HALAL practices. If this is true, I am sure you will lose a lot of meat customers at Costco, especially true for me, as I would never trust that it would be shown on the label. Our foods are being slowly downgraded by the countries we buy from, where they have no restrictions on the safety of the foods, such as Mexico, etc., and now we have to worry about Costco integrating HALAL meats into what we normally would buy.

I will not buy any meat from Costco’s until this is cleared up. I trust that there are more of us NON MUSLIMs in this country (thank ****) who would worry about the safety of your meat.

Joyce M Cascio
Houston, Texas
email: jcascio2005@yahoo.com

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  • LowellST13

    Making an animal suffer while alive and bleeding out from a severed neck, releasing hormones due to distress and polluting the meat with these extra hormones. I will avoid halal meat and ensure I get my meat processed in a humane processing plant

  • guest

    By educated you mean to start to think like you? The more "educated" people in North America become then they will agree with Joyce and not non-muslim.

  • jeff moreland

    Halal meat doesnt mean it was sacrificed in the name of a god, it just means that it was processed to Islamic standards. Very similar to Jewish people and their Kosher food. And I agree, Joyce is an idiot.

  • Bill robinson

    We stopped being a member over the halal meat

  • Non-muslim

    Joyce is an idiot. Needs to get educated,


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