DISH Review: Dish Network trickery, bad business practice

Had dish network since about ~2007, contract ended after ~ July 2009, went on month to month. Tried to get equipment upgraded, they refused.

Nov 2011, called to add a line for my daughter. Paid service call, etc. (add a line,not sign and extend a contract). Why, who would do that when they are already on month/month….

(note: I’ve been in customer service for over 21 years, and couldn’t imagine talking to or treang any of my client in such a way)

Never would i agree to another 2 year contract to have a line dropped. When you sign any receipt, you are signing fine print agreeing to a contract…..Beware

Contacted customer service<(dora perez 303-942-8605/x:79363) and they don’t listen to their customers< they simply tell you that you are wrong and that you owe them and you will pay!

I refuse to pay 180.00, for a contract I didn’t agree too, especially since I’ve been a direct bill customer since 2007.
This is criminal and must be stopped…..

Beware when signing anything. Better to simply pay for work and refuse any signature.

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