NuWave Oven Review: NuWave PIC Customer Service?

I love the nuwave however the support stinks in my case. I contacted the customer support today about the plastic fan in the unit. It broke, probably a flaw from the factory. I inquired about getting a new fan and got a spiel about “Replacing it is a fire hazzard. It takes an electrician to install. You will have to buy a new power head ($78 with shipping).” — over a stupid low cost plastic????

I am glad that they are concerned about my health – get electrocuted or whatever but that is my choice. Perhaps they look for a fast buck on a fan that should not have broken in the first place?

I told them that they would not get a good report from me – this may not be posted long on this site if at all but I am expressing my feelings about their greed and lack of ‘customer support’. They can sell the part if they want to.
I will not promote them on other blogs either!

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  • bosslady760

    Sounds like customer service lacks alot. I just spoke to them about their advertiseing and how I feel, and got told to order and pay for accecosries, that others get to enjoy 2 days after i ordered and closed on my order. When they advertise you have 1 hour for this unsweet deal, then 2 days later deal is way sweeter, i have a issue with that. For being bogo (free word) i still spent 250$. So ill enjoy staring at my FREE unit i dont have pans to cook with. The response i was told was have a nice day, I replied you too because im not! This is not my first order but very well could be MY LAST.

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