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I was a customer of Apex Alarm , I signed a 5 year contract for a security system for a house I owned in Vancouver, WA. I have since moved and no longer own this house. I continued to pay for the alarm system even though I didn’t live in the house to honor the contract. In Dec. of 2011, a representative from Vivint Home Security contacted me and said that they now are my alarm company. I told the representative that I no longer own the house and I would like to close my account.

She told me the amount to buy out the contract and after I paid with a credit card over the phone she said that she would close the account. She also told me that I should probably fax a letter stating that I would like to close my account so that in case they don’t process the cancellation, I wouldn’t get charged for more months. It is now June of 2012 and I was contacted by Vivint stating that my account is past due. I explained that I had closed my account back in December of 2011. The new representative told me that the account was still active and that it was required that I send a letter in to close my account. I tried to explain that I was not told that I had to send it in and that I was told that I should send it in.

After getting transferred to several representatives I talked to a Accounts Manager named Josh Willis. He explained to me that this is their policy and since it is 27 day until the account is renewed for another year and their policy is you have to notify them by 30 days that the account would automatically be renewed for 1 more year. I told him that I wasn’t told I had to send the letter in and that it was very convenient that they contacted me when it was too late to cancel and if this is the way Vivint screws over their clients, he said yes.

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  • ticked off

    Vivint customer service SUCKS.
    I have been trying to get my system installed completely 06-07-2014.
    The system itself is not really a bad product. But the customer service is impossible. What good is a good product that has no support. Customers really don’t have time or desire to be placed on their timeline for service. I am soooooo frustrated and over Vivint.

  • Jimmy Hix

    Vivint sent a liar, cheat and a thief to our home to sell us a Burglar system. He tried to get me to agree to 42 months on the phone with his money people at the company and two times I refused. So the salesman said “no problem, I am so sure you will love this system, we will not hold you to 42 months. We’ve had the system for 27 months and my hours got cut back to 32 hours per week and I now have one child in college and one starting at the end of this year. My wife and I both had expensive surgeries last year and my job may not be here Oct 1, 2013 because of Government cut backs. I called a money girl at Vivint and explained all of this to her and she offered me a couple of options that may have helped a very small bit but I was so angry, I told her to keep it, that I would not recommend Vivint to anyone and I would have to borrow money to pay their stinking bill. Later, I find out others in our Fort Worth Texas neighborhood were lied to also. One woman whose husband was not at home told me a Vivint salesman came to her home when her husband was not at home and gave her a hard sell. She ask him to leave and heard something in the laundry room it was his installer starting to take her thermostat controls off to replace them with Vivint controls. She yelled for them both to leave, she was calling the police. In reading my very long contract I do see the 42 month clause there. I missed it before (my bad). This still does not excuse the lies the salesman and his money girl told me about our deal. It also does not excuse this companies total lack of compassion for good customers who have hit very hard times. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

    Jimmy Hix

  • Tina Burgess

    I won’t to cancal my account . The address is 8111/2 heberton street Pittsburgh pa. 15206 password is sizzle. I won’t my account to cancaled 08/11/2013 your web site would not except my requrest.

  • Allen

    Like others, I had this contract for 5 years and can’t seem to get out of it. My alarm didn’t work for almost 2 years and when I finally threaten them with making no more payments, they fixed it. Then at the end of my contract they claimed I didn’t cancel. I kept hearing how they keep excellent records and they had nothing to say I cancelled, just like when I kept calling and emailing them about my alarm not working. Now they wanting me to pay another year. I’m sending one more letter to cancel and not making anymore payments. Also, turning them in to the Better Bureau. They think they have you by the B_lls. I’ll let them send a collection agency after me and we can deal with it in court. VIVINT should change their name to You’re Going To Get Screwed.

  • Kass

    I was asked to leave the Marital home I had a door to door salesman sell my wife the Vivant system back in June it’s March now I called to cancel the contract you would figure $400 – $500 Max they told ma $2000 and I have to send in a letter of cancellation I call consumer affairs and there is no recourse for me…??

    • bluett408 .

      that’s right…you will NOT get a early termination break from these crooks no matter the consequences.

  • Joe

    Breach of contract…..
    On 9/13/12 my alarm went off accidentally, forgot to turn it off. Like a few time before, a lady would get on the intercom an ask if everything was OK. That day everything was fine except I couldn’t get the alarm to shut off. I unplugged it and it still rang out. Ear piercing sound. Since I couldn’t get ahold of anybody on the intercom, I ripped it off the wall an found a back up battery that I had to unplug. About 5 minutes went by and one of the representatives called me on my phone and asked what the problem was. So I told him what my morning started out tobe. They needed my security pass code and my account number which I couldn’t remember at the time. He said he’d have to send it to me through the mail. So he said he’d could turn the alarm off unless he had the two pieces of information. I said that it was no longer plugged in and there wasn’t anyway they could monitor my home.
    Now the problem is that I’m still being charged $49.99 a month for monitor fee and theres no monitor. I told them that I had to tare it off the wall and parts came flying off. So they had me send to there home address in Provo, UT. I had a tracker put on it from the USA postal service so I know it got there…..The representative also told me if I wanted to cancel I’d have to write a cancellation notice, which I did and I know they all read it, because they told me they did.
    The salesman told me that I could cancel anytime with a written cancellation notice, but its not happening. I’d really like to get out of this contract. Is there a buy out by any chance?

    • bluett408 .

      NO…you are screwed into paying out your whole contract…no early termination fee here…its like buying a car.

  • T J

    Similar experience. Took up the offer from a door to door saleman and signed up for 3 years. Contacted them just prior to end of contract and let them know I wanted to cancel. They told me I had to send them a letter or fax to cancel. I took down the info and got around to it 2 weeks later. The next month, I’m billed again. So, I call to find out why they didn’t cancel and they state my cancellation notice was received 5 days after my renewal date and I was automatically enrolled for another year. I remained calm and tried to reason with the person, but he didn’t want to hear any part of it. I can’t do anything, you are locked in, there is nothing we can do…. So I asked to talk the manager and he informs me that he is the manager. I tell him I want to talk to his boss and he says he’s not available, but I can talk to another manager, so I do. The next guy is more of an arrogant douche than the last and I get nowhere. Completely ridiculous that a company would treat its customers like this. I know I will do my part in letting everyone I know to stay away from them. Oh and I just may fax them a copy of my cancellation notice a dozen times a day for the next year. Just to be sure I get it in on time.

  • Jerry

    Had bad experience with Vivint. Have had them for over 5 yrs on a 3 yr contract but, can get a better price from a different provider. Want to cancel but was adviced by Vivint that contract is automatically renewed every year so, I have 9 more months before I can cancel and I have to write a letter 30 days before contract is renewed automatically. Now I have to pay double the price for the next 9 months. I don’t recommand Vivint to anybody.

    • Vivint sucks. Had simular experience. started http://www.ihatevivint.com
      they need to change thier 12 month renewal to month to month.

      • tia meyer

        they lied to me,, what the said at 12 months they put it for 42 months!!! I need to cancel,,, they really suck!

      • bluett408 .

        no….after the initial contract is done it should just roll over to the monthly bill till you cancel…

  • kesha706

    Be ware this company is a rip off. Signed 5 year contract. Called after year 3 to info them I was moving. Was told to avoid early termination keep for following 2 years which I did. Was told call back in June2012 (in April 2010) to have cancelled. Called today was informed could not accept phone request for cancellation additionally letter had to be received in first… half of June…WTH?!?!? No information on internet regarding cancellation policy nor address for sending said cancellation. Only way to know is have original contract in hand (from five years ago mind you) or call and run risk of being provided vague misleading information as I was. So now in automatic renewal for 12 mos at an address I no longer live at and absolutely nothing I can do about. Single mother of 4 children with other uses of $600 for the next year. This is not right. :(


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