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Total Losses Reported By Customers

Total Reported Consumer Losses: $834,142,264.66
2016 Reported Consumer Losses: $216,602,557.66
Previous Years Reported Consumer Losses: $617,539,707.00

Complaints List is an interactive computer service where the general public and customers of businesses can submit complaints, reviews, or reports about a company, business, or person that has mistreated them in any way.

By filing a consumer complaint or report on, users can obtain justice without the expensive costs of a lawsuit. As well as warn others to avoid these companies or people so they can save themselves similar damages.

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You are saving others the costs and/or issues that you had to face, while at the same time obtaining justice against the company or individual that mistreated you. The risk we run of course is that false complaints are posted on our site and honest individuals or companies are harmed. This is not our intention in any way. Although we simply do not have the resources to verify the accuracy of every complaint. We continually strive for truth and accuracy.

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Customer Complaints provide an integral part of consumer protection and strives to be a leader in helping the small people improve the general practices of companies, people, websites and more. is built on the pursuit of two pillars: transparency and accountability. Warren Buffet once said that if he were ever unsure of the morality of a possible action. He pictured it as an article on the front page of the newspaper the next day. is by no means a place for people to promote false or defamatory statements about anyone or any company. All consumers agree that the complaints they are writing are true and accurate, and if not, they open themselves up to potentially significant liability. Evil’s ally has long been the shadows of obscurity and evil doers constantly prey on people that lack the means and resources to fight back.

This website is your means to fight back against those who have wronged you. If a company or individual has mistreated you file a complaint with our site and let the world know. Often this simple action can bring about more accountability than an expensive lawsuit. We level the playing field by enabling consumers and individuals to reach a broad audience quickly through the power of Internet marketing. File a consumer complaint today, promote transparency and accountability! Just added! Search Most Viewed Reviews by customers, Customer Reviews For 2014, and Holiday Complaints.

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